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Not Your Usual Agency

Our collaborative work begins by understanding and accepting that marketing is in a constant state of evolution.

As the Agent of Change for a select group of forward-thinking enterprises, we help to define the path towards success for those who remain open to the possibilities marketing has to offer.


Who We Are

Since 1972, we have delivered on our promise of service above all. Our team is locally embraced, nationally recognized and globally influential — but the passion we have for our clients is out-of-this-world.

A focused group of
marketing experts


What We Do

New communications channels have emerged, trends continue to shift, industries have evolved, and now we’re carrying computers in our pockets — but the principles at the core of the Agency have proven to be timeless: process-driven impression management, backed by solid service and a shared passion with our clients for excellence.

Probably more than you’d expect of a
full-service agency


How We Do It

It’s never been about any singular right way. It has always been about the Right Way for our clients.

Yes, there is a process. Our approach is We listen, question, discuss, research, plan, develop, design, execute, and enhance. And when we think we’ve gotten it right, we begin again.

Research & Discovery
Strategic Planning
Custom Solution Development
Content/Engagement (Social)
Training (Social/Tools)
Media Planning/Placement
Creative Design/Execution
Program Enhancements

We believe in


Who We've Done It For

We work with
strategic thinkers


Ready to Connect?

KRT Marketing
3685 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 255
Lafayette, CA 94549
Phone: (925) 284-0444
Fax:(925) 284-0448

Simply call, email, write, stop-by, fax, send a messenger, or just slip a note under our door. We’re happy to share more about the work we’ve done and what we can do for your enterprise.

Our Leadership Team

Keith R. Thomas  Partner
Keith leads our business development team and oversees all strategic marketing and creative / branding initiatives. As founder of the Agency, he has been integral in the development and execution of the ongoing marketing efforts for hundreds of enterprises over the past 40 years.

Ryan J. Christoi  Partner
Ryan leads our media strategy and recruitment advertising services. He has advanced the agency’s expertise in search marketing, interactive media, sourcing channels and social media. With over 15 years of experience with Agency clients, he currently directs the recruitment media programs of over 20 Fortune 1000 companies.

Keith R. Thomas & Ryan J. Christoi

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