A strong programmatic job advertising system is no simple waltz around the dance floor. Data, automation, and technology meet to form a power group that will blow your old school recruitment marketing efforts out of the water. How does one get started? Follow these guides and you’ll be rocking the (programmatic) house in no time.

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Four Programmatic Rules That Will Rock Your PPC Job Ad Campaigns

Strategic rules for your programmatic advertising campaigns will ensure no job gets left behind during the process of automated buying and selling. Here are four rules that will ensure rock-star performance from your campaigns.

Feel the Power of a Programmatic Job Site Network

Knowledge is power, and a powerful programmatic campaign starts with a strong network of job sites. See a side-by-side comparison of job site networks versus posting to just one job board.

Rage With The Machine

The key to programmatic success consists of a partnership between great technology and great people. We break down that dynamic duo to see how they come together to make beautiful PPC music.

True Rockstars of Programmatic

Programmatic job advertising is driven by data, technology, and last but definitely not least, people. Check out this infographic to see what humans bring to the programmatic table and what it takes to truly be a programmatic professional.

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