Social media, a conglomerate of websites and web-based applications, is something that seems to continually grow in popularity each year as people around the world become more and more connected. Just as new forms of social media and social media-based apps seem to emerge each day, so do new strategies and trends. For many, social media is a bittersweet thing – bitter in the sense that it can be challenging to successfully market with it and measure monetary gains. On the other hand, social media is sweet in that it serves as a platform to reach billions of people around the world in an instant. With the new year rapidly approaching, many companies are looking for the best ways to solidify their strategies, so here are four social media tips to help you prepare.

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  1. The old-fashioned days are long behind us, and people cannot simply rely on slowly building up an audience and occasionally sharing updates with them when it comes to their social channels. As technology advances and the algorithms get more precise, there is a large possibility that you are missing large chunks of your target audience. So how can you get around these pesky algorithms and reach the audience you’re missing? Money. On social sites, you should invest in the sites’ native ads, which can be very specifically targeted and offer good tracking metrics.
  2. Your employees? More like your own personal social media army. For companies on a tight budget, or simply looking for a good starting point for social media, look no further than your coworkers. Employee advocacy can help increase engagement. However, keep in mind that when enlisting your employees or coworkers help that their assistance should be voluntary. Make it fun!#EmployeeAdvocacy can help increase engagement. #socialmedia Click To Tweet
  3. With more companies using social media and the age gap of employees widening, it’s essential for companies to make sure that people are aware of the best practices when promoting their company on various social channels. Hold classes/training on social media, attend conferences, or even have your employees do some online reading to make sure they are up to date with current practices. With properly trained employees, this means no more missed sales opportunities or embarrassing Twitter and Facebook posts.
  4. Speaking of sales, social media has evolved to the point where it’s not just for marketing. Social media can be used as a selling platform for a company’s products or services, as well as customer service purposes. Furthermore, you don’t even necessarily need additional employees to field the basic customer service requests when they come in. On many social channels there are AI chatbots that can help to ease the burdens of customer service. Use these bots to your advantage, and build up your reputation.

As we move closer to 2017, keeps some of these social media tips in mind to help your company be on top of it’s game when it comes to social media! Where do you stand with social media? Let us know in the comments.