Author: Adriana Kevill (@AdrianaK)

Social Media 101 for Marketing Professionals and Recruiters

  With social media embedded in society, people have an increased interest in learning how to work with it or how to use it for business. This applies not only to new graduates, but also seasoned marketing professionals who haven’t used social media as a business tool. Talent acquisition professionals and recruiters also seem to be together curious about how to tap into the social networks to attract candidates. Keeping that in mind, I put together some steps to help you get started in social media or social recruiting. First thing’s first I firmly believe that social media is...

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Recruitment Social Media – Five Companies Doing it Well

When you search online for companies with killer social media strategies, there is no shortage of examples and useful results. Many lists show companies big and small with a solid social media presence, but not in regards to Recruitment Social Media (Talent Acquisition). While most companies start focusing on social media in order to help sell products or to address customer service issues – there are several companies leveraging social media brilliantly to sell themselves to potential employees. When a company’s HR department decides to launch a strategy for social recruiting, a basic question needs to be asked —...

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Kevin Spacey & His Three Pillars of Content Strategy (Video)

  This video is 30 minutes out of the 45-minute keynote. (Not included in the video is the opening and the Q&A.)I just returned from Content Marketing World and had the pleasure of attending very inspiring lectures and keynotes. One of my favorites was Kevin Spacey’s keynote. Yes, there were some Frank Underwood quotes and several House of Cards questions during the Q&A. All that aside, his focus was on what he believes are the three pillars of content and content strategy: conflict, authenticity and the audience. Wish you were there as well? No worries, enjoy the almost-30-minute video! Don’t forget to share...

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Whose Recruitment Presence is Rocking Facebook and Twitter? You’ll Be Surprised!

When it comes to social recruiting or an online presence for Talent Acquisition, we can think of some usual suspects: Taco Bell, Pepsico and Zappos. Here are some companies that may not come to mind, but they too have  a very strong careers presence on social media. Facebook Boeing Careers With more than 141,000 likes, the page shares compelling videos and graphics targeted to their audience and posts interesting articles and polls that generate great engagement. Union Pacific Railroad Careers They have more than 97,000 likes and use the apps section very well. The fans can learn about “why...

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