Author: Adriana Kevill (@AdrianaK)

2014 Social Media Trends to Close Out the Year

Credit: Business 2 CommunitySocial media is no longer “good to have”. Companies that do not consider social media as part of their business toolboxes will most likely lag behind. Also, having a social media strategy is no longer enough, tracking your efforts and comparing results against your strategy and goals are a must. Whether it’s ok to experiment with content and campaigns, it’s not OK to not track the results and watch your analytics closely. The ongoing focus on mobile will continue to play a key part in 2014 strategies. The rush to do mobile well is heating up....

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Top 5 Social Media Recruiting Infographics

Great Infographics make it easier to digest complex data. I’ve been bookmarking infographics for a while and now I thought it would be a good idea to highlight my favorite Social Media Recruiting ones. The State of Social Recruiting 2013 – by Jobvite Social Recruitment has gained popularity because it makes the talent acquisition process more efficient and increases the quality referral hires. This infographic well demonstrates the evolution of social recruiting and its overall impact on the industry.   Social Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search – by Zao Zao demonstrates some best practices for social recruiting when using Facebook...

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According to Myers-Briggs, I am a Social Media Mastermind! I am an “Odd ball”.

I am a sucker for a personality test. A long time ago and again recently, I took the Myers-Briggs test and found out my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is still INTJ (Introversion  + Intuition + Thinking + Judging) – aka Mastermind (a rare kind). If you are not familiar with it, the Myers-Briggs scale evaluates four different dimensions (personality types developed by Carl Jung), which describes how a person: gets energy: extraversion* – introversion gathers information: sensing – intuition makes decisions: thinking – feeling interacts with the world: judging – perceiving * Not a typo. The term used by...

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List of Interesting Social Media Tools, Cool Productivity Apps & More – Part II

Continuing the list of great and promising tools here is another list of tools and apps. (You can see part I of the Social Media and Productivity tools & apps list here.) Just as a reminder, some we use here at KRT Marketing, others I use personally, and some I’ve never tried but read good reviews and included them on my “tools-to-test” list. Also this is not an in-depth review of the tools, it’s just a list of social media and productivity tools that we hope you’ll find useful. Here is today’s line-up: Bottlenose  A nifty search engine that...

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10 Examples of Social Recruiting using Facebook

For a while now, HR departments have adopted Social Media for recruitment. When you think of Social Recruiting, LinkedIn automatically comes to mind. Indeed, LinkedIn is the most popular Social Channel used for talent acquisition (see infographic at the bottom of this post). However, using Facebook as a social media recruitment tool is growing in popularity. Since the Facebook job search feature will be launching soon, I thought it might be helpful to highlight a few examples from companies that have integrated Facebook into their recruitment marketing strategies. Top 10 Facebook Recruitment Strategies 1- Heroes Work Here An initiative from Walt Disney...

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