Author: Adriana Kevill (@AdrianaK)

List of Interesting Social Media Tools, Cool Productivity Apps & More – Part I

I am always asked about the tools we use or that I’ve tested; so I decided to start a blog post series where I will list interesting tools for social media, productivity and others. Some of these tools are more known than others. Some we use here at KRT Marketing, others I use personally and some I’ve never tried but read good reviews and included them in my “tools-to-test” list. Here is today’s line-up: Pinerly Toronto based company that developed a dashboard to monitor Pinterest traffic.  Users can schedule pins, receive real time analytics on which pins are most effective,...

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San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland Athletics – It’s the product, stupid!

Baseball is about to start and I was thinking about our two home teams, the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants; and how the two franchises market themselves differently. I decided to do some research: The A’s in 2011 posted an operating profit of $23.2 million from $161 million in revenue. It grew its value from $180 million to $307 million in just five years but it ranks 29 out of 30 teams. Interestingly enough, they consistently lead the league in win per dollar spent. The Giants on the other hand had $29.9 million in profits from $230 million in revenue in 2011 and is worth...

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KRT Socializes at Web 2.0 Expo SF #w2e – Is Social Media Hijacking Marketing Communications? Video

Our sixth session: Web 2.0 Expo 2010 San Francisco – Social Media Marketing, Thursday, 05/06/2010   Speaker: Michael Smith (The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M)   Video recorded with speakers permission Note: There is a short interruption in the middle of the video. Battery ran out 🙁 Switched to Flip to Kodak...

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