Author: Brian Christopher

Designers, What Will You Do for May 1 Reboot?

  I recently came across a movement in design that caught my attention and became something that I can really get behind. It’s called May 1 Reboot, a global refreshing of online presence for anyone who is a creative professional. It can be anything from a new post or update to a complete site overhaul. The reboot is a global celebration for every designer and maker. May 1 Reboot is for the love of design, the passion of play and commitment to our community. However, it is not just for designers, anyone can take the refresh outlook to their...

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The future is now! Takeaways from the Future of Web Design Conference in San Francisco

  Credit: FOWD Last week, I attended the Future of Web Design conference, and immersed myself among some of the most progressive current designers and developers in the web game. There were technical, theoretical, and trend talks. I walked away feeling like I was on the razor’s edge of web design and development, with knowledge that will outlast the constant turnover of today’s hottest tech trends, and I would love to share some key takeaways with you. The web is boring. Make it less boring. This is a very hot topic right now in web design. With the trend of...

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Creative Inspiration: Where Do You Find It? Five of My Favorite Sites for Graphic Design Inspiration

Creativity is all around us. As human beings, we are creative by nature – everything from what we do for work, for fun, to the daily mundane habits can be creative in one way or another. Granted, some people are more creative than others, but it is collectively what we all think up and make everyday that makes life more enjoyable, more colorful, and more interesting. While there are more obvious creative types, I like to believe that everyone has the ability to think outside the box, leave their comfort zone in the dust and think up an innovative...

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