Author: Derina Adamczak

My Feedback on the Smashfly Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference

Last week was Transform, the inaugural recruitment marketing conference. What made Transform different than the myriad of recruitment conferences out there? At other conferences I’ve attended, they are either too broad and shallow in content in order to attract the masses (i.e. make more money) or thinly veiled commercials for the event sponsor. Transform was different. Despite being hosted by a recruitment marketing platform, Smashfly, it was two full days of in-depth actionable content, and the purpose was to move the entire discipline forward.  Having led the recruitment marketing efforts of CH2M for three years, it was great to see old friends...

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11 Key Takeaways from LinkedIn Talent Connect 2016

  Day 1 Netflix’s Culture of Recruiting Nellie Peshkov offered one of the most motivational sessions of the conference and ignited a round of applause when she defined talent acquisition as the happy side of HR. She went on to pair her thought-provoking content with images and audio of our favorite Netflix characters, including the omnipotent Frank Underwood from House of Cards. At Netflix, they don’t refer to hiring managers as customers or clients because there must be mutual trust and communication for a successful business partnership. It is also part of the managers’ jobs to recruit at Netflix....

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