Author: James Madison II

4 Social Media Tips For 2017

Social media, a conglomerate of websites and web-based applications, is something that seems to continually grow in popularity each year as people around the world become more and more connected. Just as new forms of social media and social media-based apps seem to emerge each day, so do new strategies and trends. For many, social media is a bittersweet thing – bitter in the sense that it can be challenging to successfully market with it and measure monetary gains. On the other hand, social media is sweet in that it serves as a platform to reach billions of people...

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Job Seekers: How to Answer Interview Questions Like a Superhero

  It may be summertime, which means sun, fun and relaxing. But if you’re a recent college grad or job seeker that also means you shouldn’t be caught off guard when fall rolls around. According to New York career coach Kathleen Brady, the fall indicates for companies that it’s time to for the new hiring process to begin again. If you’re anything like the vast majority of job seekers, then you might find yourself racking your brain trying to think of the best ways to prepare for job interviews. If that happens to be the case then have no...

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