Author: Jenny Skundrich

HR Tech 2016 Recap & Key Highlights

  I was fortunate enough to make the trip out to the annual HR Technology Conference (commonly referred to as HR Tech) in one of my favorite cities to visit, Chicago! It’s one of largest conferences in the HR space that showcases the latest and greatest cutting-edge technologies and innovations. It’s always so cool to see all the new ideas and concepts, along with a sneak peek into the future of HR technology. Simply having the opportunity to network and meet face-to-face with colleagues, vendors and potential clients, in conjunction to being able to attend the breakout sessions was...

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Introducing: KRT Boot Camp with Marcus Maxwell

A few months ago, our team got together for our annual agency summit. One of the areas of focus was for everyone to share their goals, both personally and professionally. A common theme for most of the personal goals was a commitment to getting active. Some were specific, such as taking a lunch time Lafayette reservoir hike, getting back into the gym, taking kick-boxing classes, walking with kids, losing body fat, and at-home workouts – basically anything that could be done to get ourselves healthy and fit.  But the most important part was the disciplined actions on how to...

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On-site Massages: Benefits of Relaxation in the Workplace

What would be your first reaction to the thought of a massage at your workplace? You may ask yourself a few questions beforehand: Will I look funny or be in an awkward position while receiving a massage at work? Will it mess up my makeup or hair? Will I even be able to relax? Will I constantly be thinking about work? When one of our media partners was generous enough to treat us with a delicious breakfast and on-site massages for all our employees, I must say at least one of these thoughts did go through my head. However, once...

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