Author: Katie Cooper

Should You Try Radio Recruitment Advertising?

As a data-driven agency that lives and breathes performance-based media, the first place we turn to for our recruitment advertising campaigns is not usually radio.  While we typically run targeted, trackable digital media with the aim of high conversion rates and low cost-per-conversions, sometimes it is appropriate to go big or go home and run wider reaching media.  When looking at broader reaching options such as billboards, transit, television, and direct mailers, in most instances I like radio recruitment advertising the best. When is radio recruitment advertising a good play? When you’ve hit the obvious go-to’s (job postings, sourcing...

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Why can’t I find my Indeed job posting?

  With Indeed being the world’s largest job site, many of our clients understand the importance of making sure their job postings are visible there.  I’m here to answer a common question with the most likely reasons your Indeed job posting isn’t showing up, as well as provide tips on how to increase visibility on Indeed. You may not see your Indeed job posting because… Your job isn’t sponsored.  With over 16 million jobs posted on Indeed, there is a lot of competition out there and your job is likely to get pushed very deep into search results, especially as...

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3 Innovative Recruitment Companies

  Here at KRT, we are always pushing ourselves to find new recruitment tools for our clients to help solve their hiring needs. Our clients are looking for easier and faster ways to find talent than how they have in the past. With new recruitment technology, there are multiple companies that are coming up with solutions to help with hiring needs. Here are some of my favorite platforms that are pushing the boundaries. Belong Belong is a social sourcing startup that digs deeper to find perfect candidate matches. They take into account more than just basic information that candidates...

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Is Attending a Conference Really Worth It?

  There’s no doubt that we have all attended a conference, webinar, or meeting that was a complete waste of time.  Sometimes they are boring, poorly presented, or maybe even just a bunch of baloney.  Attending an in-person conference in particular is a huge commitment of time and money.  The price tag can easily add up after accounting for your registration, travel, and hotel.  Possibly even harder to justify, you have to take time off, resulting in playing catch up once you’re back in the office.  So what are we really benefiting from by attending conferences?  Is there a...

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