Author: Kat Guseva

Google Search Is Entering the Recruitment Space

You might have already noticed that Google Search has a separate unit (snippet) to display job listings. This is not the first time Google Search has “entered” the recruitment space. Ten years ago they tried to display classified information vertically to their users. It failed back then, but now the times have changed.

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Google Search will remove right-hand side ads on results completely

It’s not a secret that Google likes to experiment with their search results pages, and sometimes they are pretty drastic. You might remember the time when the right hand column on Google was empty and clean – well, it could be like that again pretty soon. My Google search results for “shoes” today:   How could this potentially affect your search marketing campaigns now? Branded searches will probably remain unaffected, unless you have competed with third-party resellers before. This could be a concern for supermarkets that sell big brands, auto dealers, comparison websites, and anyone who usually bids on brand names that are not theirs. There might be three to four paid search results at the top of the page now, which could potentially push organic results down – so far there are just two. I’m sure Google would never do anything to hurt organic results, but this is also very important to know for SEO purposes. Lower number of ad placements available at the top of the page will definitely increase competition, and as a result, will probably increase average CPCs. This might be a concern for smaller advertisers out there, as they will have to compete more with companies that have more money. Some people have already been served PLA (product listing ads) on the right hand side instead of the regular search ads. PLAs will most...

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Google AdWords Updates in Q3 2015

  When you work with a tool every day, you want to make sure you use it to its full potential and know everything it has to offer. Here at KRT we watch PPC and digital media news and updates very closely and would like to share Google AdWords’ most noticeable updates from Q3 2015. New automated CPA bidding In July, Google added two new automated bidding features to the Google AdWords interface – Target Opt-In Recommendations and the Target CPA Simulator. Never used conversion optimization before? Don’t know what to choose from the various options? Target Opt-In Recommendations...

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Why You Need a Mobile Optimized Website Now More Than Ever

Mobile use is on the rise – according to Google search reports, mobile queries grew by 50% in certain industries and desktop queries declined by 4% in Q1 2015 year over year. In April 2015 Google rolled out a big search engine update that affects mobile-unfriendly websites. Now, if you or your client’s website doesn’t look mobile-friendly from Google’s perspective, it might go down in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) a lot or not show up at all. Here are a few criteria Google judges the mobile sites against: Responsive content – If your text or graphics don’t fit...

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