Author: Keith Thomas

Blunder Bowl 2016: Keith’s Annual Showcase of Best & Worst in Super Bowl Advertising

A record $166,666.66 per second for a Super Bowl spot: Money wisely spent or not?   Well, it’s in the books: the most expensive commercial forage for brand traction in history took place on the 7th. 30 seconds of airtime fetched a whopping $5 million (a little under a nickel for each of the nearly 112 million average viewers). But here’s who, in this reviewer’s opinion, spent their money wisely and who should have perhaps spent their budget elsewhere this year. This review is out a few days later than in the past. Having been in the stadium for the...

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The Most Important Online Marketing Trend for 2016

  2015 has been a year of challenges and changes for online marketers, with a number of notable new trends and technologies consuming the attention of the industry.  From the emergence of ad blockers to iBeacons, marketing automation to advances in virtual reality, and, of course, the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s scarcely been a day without the report of some new tool or break-through destined to provide the “extra edge” in online campaign development.   But has any of it made us better marketers? Tools and technologies aside, what will be the primary driver of effective online communications in...

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Some say, “It’s all in the name.” But how important are brand names, really?

Recently, I came across a piece that was done by the folks over at CNBC, highlighting a number of well-known companies that started out with completely different brand names.  Each has evolved to “household name” status after investing considerable time, effort and financial resources.  The question is, “Would they have stood any chance of consumer acceptance had they NOT changed their name to the brand icons they have become?”  Can the right name really make or break a company? Let’s take a look at eight of the biggest brands you may not have known or trusted by their original...

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What’s $5 million give or take, when you have something you want to say … Annual Showcase of Best & Worst in Advertising [Blunder Bowl?]

To be sure, by the time you read this, thousands of reviews, comments and picks for Best and Worst spots have crossed the airwaves and the internet. Initial impressions seem to run toward “sad and depressing” as watchwords for this slate of Super Ads. If you were paying attention (pass the guacamole…), you probably came away from the Big Game with a few favorites, as well as, a few missteps among the crop of roughly 90 ads that aired between the Kick-Off Show and the awarding of the Lombardi trophy. The presumption is that there was something for everyone....

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