Author: Michelle Sargent

How Employer Brand Attracts the Right Talent

“Surrounded by young hipsters,” “Awesome environment,” “Free Food.” These are a few things you might hear if you asked people what it is like to work at tech companies like Google or Facebook. These strong employer brands are so compelling; we don’t need to actually work there to know what it’s like. Since the true definition of an employer brand is the market’s perception of what it’s like to work at your company, how important is it to actually have an employer brand? VERY! In today’s war for talent, an organization without an employer brand is likely to get...

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An Inside Look at KRT Marketing’s Agency Summit

What makes KRT Marketing not your usual agency? Many things make us unique: our people, clients, work, blogs, environment, ability to have work life balance, tracking and analytics, and commitment to personal and professional growth. But another thing that separates KRT from the rest is our annual all-hands, off-site meeting. For starters, the meeting location was unique. Not only is Saint Mary’s College of California a valued client of ours, but almost 30 percent of our agency’s talent are alumni or have some connection to the college. Set in the beautiful foothills of the East Bay, the setting is surreal and a...

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What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You?

At KRT, we spend a lot of time educating clients on why they need to have their social media profiles up-to-date because we know that candidates are going to LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other social media channels to research company culture, salaries, etc. before making a decision to switch jobs. But what does YOUR Social Media Profile say about YOU? If someone didn’t know you, and they went to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or looked you up on Instagram, what would their first impression be? Well, the next time you’re applying for a job, ask yourself just that. Your...

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