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Why is Programmatic a Solution to Recruitment Advertising?

  Source: As one of the key buzzwords of 2015 and 2016, just about every marketer and recruitment professional has heard the term “programmatic.” But as you dig deeper, you’ll see that the industry is still defining the term, how it works, and the key benefits. In an attempt to give some meaning to the buzzword of the moment, we have compiled the spark notes of what programmatic means, how it works, and most importantly why it is making an impact. What is Programmatic Advertising? To put it technically, programmatic advertising is a data-centric recruitment advertising process, utilizing machine-to-machine communication...

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Work-Life Balance: Should You or Shouldn’t You? Reasons Why You Should NOT Send Work Emails After Hours

It’s 5:00 p.m., and you have just enough energy to bolt out of the office and sardine your way into an overly crowded train (or sit in an endless line of traffic). When you finally make it back to your work-free haven and you are just about to kick back and relax on your throne (AKA the glorious couch), your phone beeps and you suddenly remember those emails to which you never responded. An extensive argument with your internal self immediately ensues: My boss is on the email chain and he/she will know I never responded! I better send it now so he/she doesn’t notice… However, the client is on the east coast and they aren’t going to see it until tomorrow so maybe it can wait… But I want to prove that I take their business seriously so maybe I should respond now so they see it first thing in the morning… But if I don’t respond now, how else will I show my commitment to my job, my company, my clients, and earn a promotion if I don’t sacrifice some personal time? Sound familiar?  We have all been there at some point or another. Now before you argue yourself into pressing that “send” button and sacrifice your work-life balance, listen to what recent findings have to say. A Serious Case of “Telepressure” According to a study published...

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Big Data Makes a Big Impact

In the Recruitment Marketing industry you will find that what works today may not work tomorrow. Constantly, there are ways to improve how effective recruiters are in attracting and hiring top talent. Over the last few decades, the way in which recruiters find candidates has changed dramatically. From newspaper ads to targeted online ads, recruiters have been able to leverage technology progression and follow consumer-marketing trends to increase their return on investment. To be successful, it is crucial for recruiters to closely observe the consumer marketing industry in order to understand trends and how to best leverage technological progressions before their competitors. According to industry experts from Salesforce to Forbes, Big Data is the catch phrase of 2015 and the next idea to revolutionize marketing. As the term Big Data explodes in popularity Mashable presents the future of recruiting where recruiters are the center of the hiring process and able to optimize pools of candidates. For those not sold on the idea, Forbes presents Bain & Company’s Insights Analysis infographic that outlines numerical reasons to believe in the power of Big Data. While there are multiple statistics and articles supporting Big Data, the key concept to grasp is that it produces impressive numbers for a company’s productivity if used right. We have come far in the recruitment field, but without a real life R2-D2 or C-3PO the recruiter is...

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What Will Be the Next Viral Content Scheme?

The most successful campaigns bring attention to the subject in a way that the promoter finds progressive towards their end goal. Creating viral content that attracts active viewers is feet for many marketers, because it is one of the quickest ways to reach mass populations. A classic example of a viral campaign is the recent “Ice Bucket Challenge” which encouraged people to dump a bucket of ice water on their head or donate to the ALS foundation. The challenge encouraged people to nominate 3 others. The challenge spread like wild fire. As individuals stepped up to film themselves being doused in water, over $100 million dollars was raised for the ALS foundation. The challenge brought more donations and awareness to the ALS foundation than ever before. While the above example demonstrates the power of a viral idea, there are plenty of times when videos become viral for all the wrong reasons. Take for example the music video for “Friday”, a song by teenage recording artist Rebecca Black released in 2011. The YouTube video is known for the most rapid accumulation of “dislike” votes. The video was released after Black’s mother paid the record label Ark Music Factory $4,000 to produce it. As with anything on YouTube you never know who is going to stumble across a video, in the case of Friday, comedian Michael J. Nelson came across the video...

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