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We took on a golf and bocce tournament, and here’s how it went

It’s that time of year again — golf and bocce time at KRT Marketing! Each year, the entire office heads out to the beautiful Diablo Country Club to participate in the tournament hosted by our client Saint Mary’s College School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA)! This year marked the 14th Annual Golf & Bocce Tournament, and our bocce all-star team, Keith Thomas, Henry Simpson, Brian Christopher and James Madison, clinched second place. Following the golf and bocce tournaments, we strolled into the country club for a networking happy-hour and dinner. As with each year, the raffle prizes didn’t disappoint! While we...

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About KRT Marketing Agency

Last Friday, we had our annual KRT Marketing BBQ. Each year, we gather at Keith’s house to let loose and enjoy each other’s company with BBQ, drinks and games. As we all got to know each other outside of the office, we wanted you to get to know us as well. So here are a few highlights from our BBQ and things about us that you may not already know! 1. We take bocce ball very seriously! Each year at this BBQ, we hold our annual bocce ball competition. Prior year winners come back to defend their title and retain bragging rights for the year. This year a new team took over as champs: Congrats to Olivia, Mona and Michelle for the win! 2. The KRT in KRT Marketing stands for Keith Richard Thomas, our fearless leader in green! 3. Sometimes we just like to relax and enjoy the sunny California weather with a dip in the pool. 4. Family culture is so very important at KRT Marketing In fact, our team truly operates as an extended family, and the KRT Kids seem to be everywhere! Our KRT family grew by FOUR new babies this year… and one on the way, due in January! 5. Health and Fitness are also a top priority to our team On staff, we have a Bikearoke instructor, an avid skier, a cross-fit guru, several runners...

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KRT Company Culture: A Baby Shower!

Here at KRT, we work hard and play hard too. We’re always looking for a reason to get together and celebrate something! Yesterday was no different – and a BIG thank you is in order to my KRT family for a lovely baby shower, thrown in honor of my little baby boy, on his way in a few weeks! The team even included my husband and son in the surprise! In addition to lots of food, dessert and great teammates, we also got to meet the newest addition to the KRT Family – our teammate’s daughter born just six weeks ago! Isn’t she a beauty!?!? Promptly after the baby shower concluded, a ‘baby bingo’ was sent out to the team to place bets on the actual date and time of my son’s arrival! I have never worked at a place where folks feel more like family than coworkers…what a fun and thoughtful group of people I have the privilege to work with! THANK YOU! The way I feel about KRT is also felt by many of my coworkers. You see, KRT has a very intentional family-like company culture which is crucial in today’s workplace to attract and retain top talent! Company culture includes everything from the mission and values, to goals and expectations, to the work environment itself. Ultimately, the core of the culture should be evident in daily...

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Hiring Tip from LeBron James?

photo source: Delay of Game  On July 10th, ESPN’s David Thorpe said that the chance of NBA star LeBron James returning to the Miami Heat for the following season was 99 percent. The next day,  James announced he was headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hiring managers and recruiters cannot predict or guarantee human behavior. The best you can do is to gather as much information as possible, through interviews and pre-employment tests, and make reasonable educated selections. So how does LeBron James fit into this selection process? James reminds hiring managers of an important rule of thumb… offer jobs to candidates whose family or spouse’s family lives in or near the hiring company. If this rule is ignored, you may lose employees who move back to their hometown for a variety of reasons. LeBron James was quoted saying “Before anyone ever cared where I would play basketball, I was a kid from Northeast Ohio. It’s where I walked. It’s where I ran. It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled. It holds a special place in my heart.” While this rule shouldn’t exclude any or all candidates who don’t live close by, it does illustrate that a potential candidate’s family situation and location can play an important role in his/her longevity at your company. For additional examples and to read more, check out the full story in this ERE...

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