Author: Olivia Yongue

5 Best Practices to Optimize Email Campaigns

Source: Email marketing is a great tool to communicate with your audience and stay top of mind. It’s also a great resource to generate warm leads. But in order to do this, you must first get your readers to open your emails and click through. Here at KRT Marketing, we’re obsessed with open- and click-through rates because they give us more opportunities to convert readers to leads.  They also help power other marketing efforts by providing data insights. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing it for years, here are five components to consider when sending out...

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Indeed’s New Company Pages

As much anticipated – drum roll please – we’re excited to announce that Indeed has launched new enhanced company profile pages.  The updated pages will offer a more engaged way to tell your company’s story to Indeed’s 180 million monthly job seekers. New features include five different content sections that allow you to place any media you like, including photos, video, text and social media. The new sections are also highly customizable in order and placement. The pages are currently only available in the US and are set to go live on July 27. You can view the pages...

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Is Your Company OPEN for Business?

Few would argue that honesty and transparency are characteristics of successful leaders and the companies these leaders run; however, it’s rare to find an unbiased forum in which to demonstrate either quality. Such is the case for industry leader Glassdoor and their OpenCompany review program. Through the unfiltered and anonymous reviews they publish for 340,000+ companies, prospective employees are given the opportunity to learn from current and former employees. OpenCompany gives companies a reward for being transparent in the workplace. In today’s recruitment climate, it is especially important to gain the trust of the younger generation since transparency is a crucial factor when they select a future employer. To implement OpenCompany on your Glassdoor profile, employers must complete 5 steps which provide a representation of their culture and workplace. Once completed, the company will receive a profile badge and an external award graphic that signals to job seekers the company’s achievement and commitment to transparency. To achieve OpenCompany, complete the following  5 steps: Update Company Info Get Reviews Add Photos Respond to Reviews Promote Your Profile Benefits of OpenCompany Include: Distinguished branding that appeals to high quality candidates Increased influence with candidates not currently aware of your company Promoted best practices for employee branding and engagement Streamlined recruitment processes with better app-top-hire ratio Here is a great example of our client, Chipotle, showcasing their OpenCompany status. Are you ready to take your...

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Developing Your Employee Referral Program

Last week, LinkedIn held its annual LinkedIn Talent Connect conference at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco. LinkedIn’s VP of Talent Solutions Wade Burgess mentioned that nearly 3,500 talent acquisition leaders attended, coming from as close as San Francisco and as far away as Japan and Jamaica. These leaders told their stories about transformative talent brands becoming a more strategic partner to the business, and leveraging data to build a talent pipeline and plan for the future. While at the conference I attended various sessions, including my favorite – Develop a Productive Employee Referral Program (ERP). This session was led by several companies from a variety of industries on how they scaled their referral program to consistently be their number one source of hire. Like many other companies, the goal of each of their ERP’s is to increase the quality, quantity, and time to hire from the candidate pool. Five takeaways from the session that you can incorporate into your ERP: Everyone Should be an Ambassador Make it a point to report on referrals during your internal meetings. This will make employees excited about improving their referral numbers. It’s also a good idea to have your top employees speak to other employees about their referrals process. Be Innovative Think of cool ways to motivate your employees to refer other top talent. Some exciting ideas that you can incorporate...

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