Author: Puja Shah

How to Master Your Career

In preparation for our annual agency summit, we read the book Mastery by George Leonard. It was a great read and provided insight about career development, how to achieve success, create self-esteem, and be one with your feelings in both personal and professional worlds. The author talks about achieving mastery as a process and an approach in which people dedicate themselves to learning to excel and become a master. In the process, Leonard discusses the concept of the plateau, which is defined as a point in learning where you may not progress or even regress. According to Leonard, it is okay...

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We Hired a New Accounting Manager, and She Was Shocked by Our Workplace

Here is Accounting Manager Puja Shah’s initial impression of her first days at KRT! Resting chairs, basketball courts, gyms, napping rooms, volunteer opportunities, onsite laundry, and gas and charging stations are some of the perks of working with large companies.  These are some good employee retention perks.  But what can small companies do to retain talent? I had only been at KRT Marketing for a couple of months before we had our All-Hands Summit at Saint Mary’s College. During the Summit, we were asked by Partner Keith Thomas to list our personal and professional goals.  As a new employee...

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