The 2017 color of the year is… KRT Green! Or “Greenery” to be exact. The world’s authority on color  – the Pantone Color Institute – has chosen a shade of green that’s almost an exact match to our brand color as this year’s trend. This means in the months ahead, designers, the fashion industry, the media and interior designers will be incorporating the color into their palettes. Pantone’s introductory description states, “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” Pantone’s summary of Greenery on their website is similar to what our brand color evokes in many ways.

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KRT Marketing has been in existence since 1972. Through the decades, our brand has evolved a few times to reflect current design trends and agency values. Back in 2006, former Senior Art Director Andre Peixoto was tasked with coming up with a new brand look along with a color scheme for the office. In the past, we used various shades of red as the main identifying brand color for our logo. Perhaps his Brazilian heritage had some influence in his decision, but a yellow-green shade became the primary brand color. At first, some team members hated the color – they said, “It’s too bright!” “It’s not professional!” “Uh, it’s different I suppose,” “Add red and it’s Christmas!” But as time went on, even the critics accepted the brand color as a unique expression of who we are and what we do. These days, KRT Green is used extensively on all our brand materials and on our website. It’s even highlighted throughout our office.

Colors are important in brand identity. It can increase brand awareness by 80%, while conveying specific values, moods and perceptions. For us, the shade elicits growth, renewal, vitality, freshness, and passion, similar in many aspects to what Pantone’s Greenery symbolizes. It perfectly aligns with our vision as a forward-thinking and innovative recruitment marketing agency. One aspect of Greenery is its connection with the world around us. Since we’re headquartered in California, we’re naturally conscious of the environment and its importance in our daily lives.

Who knew that back in 2006, KRT would chose a brand color that would someday become trendy and be so well aligned with what we’re all about! It’ll be cool to see “KRT Green” pop up all around us in the coming months.

What do you think of KRT’s brand color? Do you like Pantone’s choice of Greenery for color of the year? What does your brand color say about your company? Let us know by sharing and leaving a comment below.