By: Michele Lombardo

Whether it’s design, writing or simply brainstorming many of us at some point are required to think outside of the proverbial box. Creativity may come easy for some, but most of us will experience dry spells during the conceptualization and ideation phase of a project.  Like any other skill, being “creative” can take a little work. Below is a list of how to get the ideas rolling again if you fall into a rut.

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1. When the creative well runs dry, get up and walk around or go outside and get fresh air. Come back with a new perspective. Flush the mind clear the head.

2. Jot down all of your ideas and concepts before getting inspiration from other sources.

3. Document ALL thoughts even if you think they are really bad.  Mediocre ideas can evolve into more compelling concepts. Getting started is the hardest part.  Just do it!

4. If you are a designer, write down words associated with the project. If you are a writer, draw pictures or gather image based clippings and create a collage.

5. Keep a dream journal. The subconscious mind can be an incubator for creativity. Making this a habit will make for more lucid dreams which, in turn, will generate more material for creatives.

6. Look at other disciplines/mediums for inspiration.

Keep in mind that we already possess the creativity we are looking for.  Making the above tips a regular habit will allow us to tap into ideas more quickly and easily. Creativity requires constant nurturing and like anything else, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

What do you do to boost your creativity?