How do you get all your employees from different time zones together to discuss taking your data-driven recruitment marketing agency to the next level and become masters in what they do? You fly everyone in, close your office for three days and pack the daily agenda with powerful speakers, agency visionaries and empower each employee to have their voices heard. That was our 2017 annual KRT Agency Summit.

Here’s a glimpse as to what went on behind closed doors this year so you can truly understand why KRT Marketing is rapidly becoming a common name when discussing leaders in the field of recruitment marketing.

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Day 1

Of course, there was no better way to start the summit than by coming together for a mind/body yoga session to clear our minds and get focused. It was a great way to have us be present in the here and now and begin our summit.

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The first session was the State of the Agency address by our fearless leader, Ryan Christoi. There is something very inspiring about the managing partner of the agency sharing, in full transparency, a look back at 2016 and a vision for 2017 and beyond. We also had updates on how our PPC Portfolio Manager™ is revolutionizing programmatic media buying for recruitment! I mean, who doesn’t want to transform their recruitment marketing program to a pay for performance/applicant model?

There were some team recognitions, but not just any recognition – we celebrated the employees who completed their KRT Green Belts. These KRTers went through hours upon hours of education and testing to obtain our Google Analytics and Excel Wizardry certificates. Did I mention, our KRT Green Belt is the only state-funded program of its kind? Continued education is our motto. Who wouldn’t want to work with such smart folks?

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In preparation for this year’s Agency Summit, every employee read George Leonard’s book Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment. We then had the honor of having Burr Leonard, founder of Bar Method, speak to us about achieving our goals on our paths to personal and professional Mastery. We later shared these goals as a group. What a bonding experience to get to know each and every employee in your organization at this level! It was a great way to create synergy for the organization.

recruitment marketing recruitment marketing

Our day ended with an attempted drone shot (see video below for the footage!) and of course, happy hour.

Day 2

We began with an inspirational yoga session, led by our very own Production Manager Farzana. What a skilled individual to bravely guide her teammates through breathing and stretching exercises. Who knew you could warm up your eye sockets?

The next few hours were spent doing our very own KRT Shark Tank. Each employee had three minutes to share their big idea to the leadership team. If you ever want to see how talented your team truly is, I encourage you to go through this exercise! It was nearly impossible to choose just one winner; everyone did such an amazing job. Although you will see KRT implementing many of the great ideas that were presented, congratulations to “Coops” for her idea for improving our internal processes, her presentation and hitting all the judging criteria. I once again ask, where else can you be heard and have your ideas implemented?

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Next on our agenda was going through an exercise to identify KRT’s Elevator Pitch. Who are we and what do we do better than anyone in our space? That was easy.

  • We are a data-driven recruitment marketing agency.
  • We help our clients find top talent with pay-for-performance job ads.
  • We are true extensions of our clients’ recruitment and talent acquisition teams.
  • We build and measure effective recruitment marketing strategies.

If you hear a KRTer chanting “DDPPTABMRMS” don’t worry, they’re just practicing the mnemonic device to remember our elevator pitch!

The last session of the day was to have each team break out and take time to discover areas they could master moving into 2017. I have worked at many other agencies, and I have never seen such effort to get teams in sync and supporting one another. Inspiring. We are continuously striving to push the envelope for one another and our clients.

Day 3

Are you tired yet? We sure weren’t! We started the last day with a team bonding stretch led by our own Sargent (myself), followed by an inspirational talk by Master Sergeant Tom Prado. A decorated Marines veteran, Master Sergeant Prado helped teach us how focus is imperative to mastering anything.

We ended our summit in true KRT fashion with a competitive scavenger hunt around the Saint Mary’s College campus. It was masterfully put together by Olivia and felt like the Amazing Race!  Once again, mastering the art of team building.

We sat down together for the last few moments of the summit, talking about what we had learned, experienced, and our takeaways from the past few days. Personally, I am proud to work with such a talented group of individuals who work so hard to provide our clients with amazing services.

Our agency motto is that “Everyone’s contribution makes a difference, and the difference is everyone’s contribution.”

That about SUMmits it up! Want to work with us? Let us know.