If you know me, you know I LOVE Microsoft Excel, but I especially love Excel shortcuts. Nothing will save you more time when working on a spreadsheet than not having to use the mouse for routine tasks. The more you can keep your hands on the keyboard and away from the mouse, the faster you’re going and the more time you’re saving!

Try these tips when you’re working in Excel.

1. CTRL + C (copy), CTRL + X (cut), CTRL + V (paste)

These shortcuts can go without explanation, but I count these as one because you really need to use them in conjunction to be useful. Quickly repositioning or duplicating a section of cells with these keystrokes can be a huge time saver.

Bonus tip: When pasting, if you want to paste special you can use CTRL + ALT + V. That will open the below dialog box.

excel shortcuts

From there, pressing V will highlight “values” (i.e. paste values only).

T will highlight “formats” (i.e. paste formats only)

F will highlight “formulas” (i.e. paste formulas only).

There are lots of other things that can be done from this dialog box; if you’re curious, you can find them here.


CTRL + SPACE will highlight the entire column that you’re currently looking at and SHIFT + SPACE will highlight the entire row. Using this in conjunction with the copy, cut, paste shortcuts will save you the trouble of clicking and dragging.


CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS will add a cell, row, or column based on how your cursor is set up. CTRL + SHIFT + MINUS will delete a cell, row or column.


Pressing CTRL + ARROW in any direction will take you to the next blank cell (or filled cell if the cell you’re on is blank) in that direction. This is 100% the fastest way to bounce around big spreadsheets.

5. CTRL + Z (undo) & CTRL Y (redo)

Mostly everyone uses these functions all the time, but this will just speed it up!


If there’s some function that you use all the time that’s not on here (for me, that’s pivot tables and text to columns), add it to the quick access toolbar on the top (next to undo and redo). From there, press ALT, which will show numbers like those below:

excel shortcuts

By pressing the number on top of the icon, you can create a quick shortcut for anything!

Have any Excel shortcuts of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!