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Everybody is freaking out about Facebook job postings. After much anticipation and office whisperings, the excitement is understandable, especially as it pertains to the professional social network giant, LinkedIn. But let’s take a couple deep breaths and look at what this really means for social recruiting.

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The Details

  • Available now for businesses in the US and Canada
  • Job postings with “Apply Now” call to action will live in three places: on company pages, users’ news feeds, and Facebook’s new jobs section (
  • When users click “Apply Now” a pre-populated form is ready for them to review and submit.
  • Page administrators can create job posts, track applicants, and communicate directly with them – all within the Facebook platform, desktop and mobile.

What We Know

Facebook job postings are a powerful follow-up from Facebook’s release of Workplace, a collaboration app for companies, which did not include any sourcing- or recruiting-specific features. These job postings are like Facebook lead-generation ads taken to the next level, with the seamlessness of the pop-up application. In addition, mobile accessibility will be extremely convenient for candidates. And unlike Workplace and lead-gen advertisements, the job postings are absolutely free (if you don’t pay to sponsor them – here’s how boosting Facebook job postings works).

facebook job postings

Here’s what it will look like if you create a Facebook job posting (which you can do on your company page in the status update box where you would create a normal post). After you’ve filled in everything you need, you can see what the post will look like on both desktop and mobile. Job postings will expire after 30 days (Facebook will send you a reminder before it does).

What We Think

This is definitely poised to be a contender when it comes to other channels like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, but with a couple caveats.

  • To start, this might be the best option for small businesses who don’t have a ton of money to spend and don’t have high hiring needs. For larger companies, it would be wise to pilot with just a (very) small handful of open jobs.
  • You also need to consider Facebook’s demographics and the audience that you want to reach. Depending on your needs, the quality of your applicants may miss the mark.
  • Keep in mind who manages your company’s Facebook page. If you don’t have a careers page, the marketing/communication team is likely in charge. This will require some overlap and coordination among departments. Read more from Audra Knight here.
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Check out the videos above on how everything works. Will you be trying out these new Facebook job postings? We might! Let us know in the comments.