When people think about millennials, they don’t consider them to be the ideal job candidate. Take for example Simon Sinek’s recent rant about millennials.

According to Forbes, millennial talent will make up almost 75 percent of the workforce by 2030. In fact, this graph from the PEW Research Center shows that the number of millennials in the U.S labor force already exceeded the number of Gen Xers back in 2015:

millennial talent

Millennial talent continues to be a growing and important segment of the workforce, so it’s time to learn what strengths millennials bring to the table.

They’re motivated by personal growth

Something about millennials in the workplace that has been discussed quite a bit is their desire for personal growth. According to a Gallup study, 59 percent of millennials said that an important part of looking for a job is the chance to learn and grow – compare this to the 44 percent of Gen Xers and 41 percent of baby boomers who said the same when asked about what they valued in a job. Millennials aren’t working a job just to make ends meet. They see their job as an important opportunity to learn new skills, and they want to make the most of the chances they’ve been given.

They promote collaboration

Millennials enjoy working in teams. A survey by IdeaPaint shows that 74 percent of its millennial respondents “prefer to collaborate in small groups to generate big ideas.” The survey cites the small groups as beneficial because they allow for a sense of community while making sure that the meeting isn’t overcrowded with attendees fighting for a chance to contribute. Collaboration promotes great ideas, and those great ideas can only improve your organization.

They welcome change and challenges with creativity

Millennials entered the workforce during a tough time that Forbes calls “the gradual downturn of the U.S. economy.” Because of this, they have learned to be great problem solvers in terms of finding multiple alternatives to reach a solution. Insperity also credits millennials’ upbringing as part of the reason that they are creative thinkers. They grew up with everyone on their youth soccer teams receiving a participation trophy. Some may laugh, but this type of environment has allowed millennials to dream big and think inventively in a time where you must be creative to stay ahead.

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