At KRT Marketing, we focus on talent acquisition across multiple advertising networks and platforms, but we couldn’t have gotten the results we have without Google AdWords. Our team of experts is continuously searching for the best sources of talent for our clients, so here are the top three reasons we believe Google AdWords might be the right investment for you.

But first, here’s a quick introduction to the three most common types of AdWords campaigns that we’ve worked with:

Google Search campaigns allow advertisers to select a keyword or phrase that they believe is relevant to their company or open job. When users search Google for these keywords, phrases, or similar/relevant search terms, the advertisers’ ad will be shown to those users (if the advertiser has outbid their competitors).

Google Display campaigns show a creative banner, typically 300×250, on various websites that participate as partners in the Google Display Network (GDN). The goal of display campaigns is to find relevant partners (websites) on which to display your ad, driving relevant impressions and clicks.

YouTube Video campaigns show video ads prior to or during a YouTube video.

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Here are the main advantages of why you should use Google AdWords for recruitment:

1. Metrics

Google AdWords allows advertisers to measure the performance of their ads by almost any KPI that is important to them. In many cases, employers focus on CPA (cost per apply), CPC (cost per click), ROI (return on investment) or ROAS (return on ad spend). Each advertiser’s goals and KPIs may differ, but Google AdWords can be measured by a variety of metrics, if managed by the right people.

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2. Cost Effectiveness

Google AdWords is cost effective comapred to other advertising platforms because you only pay when someone interacts with your ad. This could include people clicking your display ad, watching your YouTube video ad, or clicking on your search result. Google AdWords also allows you to optimize your spend by allowing you to set daily budgets so you don’t need to worry about your campaign over spending. In addition, we are able to optimize campaigns to maximize the efficiency of your spend by constantly monitoring and changing budget caps in order to maximize ROAS.

3. Engagement

Google is everywhere. While many people think of Google and instantly think of the search engine, it is important to recognize how much of the world’s population that Google can reach through their various advertising properties, which include Google Search, the Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and others. YouTube alone attracts more than 30 million users per day. With this amount of traffic, it’s no surprise that YouTube has become one of the top advertising channels, but what really sets it apart is the amount of engagement advertisers see from their paid advertising efforts. Since advertisers do not pay for users who skip their ad, when an advertiser does pay for an ad impression on YouTube, they can be confident that the user was engaged with their ad. We take advantage of this quality engagement by frequently including YouTube ads in the ad mix of our client’s campaigns.

Over time and having executed many campaigns, we’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t. Google AdWords works best when paired with professionals skilled in Google Analytics. Have questions? Leave a comment or reach out to us on Twitter!