Ahhhh,…..Summer, a time where many people enjoy the benefits of having a pool. What? YOU don’t have a pool, well the time is NOW to get yours up and running. I am talking about your Candidate POOL of course.

The recruiting industry’s abuzz with social recruiting, but what about Talent Pools? A talent pool is exactly like it sounds… it is a puddle of job seekers and potential candidates who are eager, interested, and open to hear about your company’s job openings and career opportunities.  When brought together in your organization’s online community, you have yourself a talent pool in which to engage, inform and court potential candidates.

Social recruiting is step one of gathering talent, this means building your online brand through Facebook Fan Pages, tweets and your company’s LinkedIn profile.  People trust people just like engaged and productive employees work for managers who they know, like and trust. Recruiting talent and building relationships within your talent pool is the very same way. Talent communities are built on the foundations of establishing value, building relationships and having conversations. This means understanding and knowing what your candidates want just as much as what your company and hiring managers do.

Building a passionate and involved community within the sea of talent is not easy.  Many hours are spent having conversations and proving your worth. The most effective and fastest way in which to build a talent pool is through your already established relationships. Encouraging your current employee base, previous job applicants, and their pockets of community to join in your conversations is the best way to get your talent pool off the ground. Using Twitter and engaging in Twitter chats geared toward the job seeker like #jobhuntchat and #hirefriday chat are another effective and fast method to build momentum and a brand with very little cost.

You might already have an SEO site and your social media channels in place, but now it is time to take them to the next level – it’s an evolutionary phase of the social recruiting and online employment branding process. By starting now, your organization can begin to build and foster those lasting relationships online that will serve as a fantastic referral and job candidate resource for years to come.

Contact KRT today to get your pool ready and filled with the qualified, interested candidates just right to swim in your organization!