Here at the agency, we’ve been involved in countless creative projects for our clients. From small space print ads to global branding campaigns – we’ve succeeded in coming up with many innovative and compelling solutions throughout the years – particularly in website design, direction and development. Over a year ago, the KRT Team decided to take on an extremely difficult, challenging, gut-wrenching assignment – re-doing our own website! We’ve been down that road before, and that road was always challenging. The old adage really IS true – the Cobbler’s kids go barefoot, because it’s unbelievably hard to focus on your own marketing and branding efforts.

Our first meetings were hopeful but as the months went by, (between intense project deadlines for our clients, and fist fights among the website team) it was evident that we weren’t getting too far. We thought we knew what we wanted, but we just didn’t know how to get there. Our goal was to create something different….we mean truly different….a site that reflected our tag of “Not Your Usual Agency.” We decided it was time to distance ourselves and send the project outside.

We’re all awesome here at KRT, but we also work with a network of talented professionals beyond our walls. We teamed up with Loftyword, a shop known for an innovative approach to digital solutions, to help craft our site. They have been a pioneer in the movement to Responsive Platforms for websites, allowing the site to be viewed from any screen.

After several months of hard work and weekly meetings that included moments of frustration, some on Loftyword’s end (sorry Josh and crew – turns out we’re a great Agency, but a lousy client), but we’re excited to finally announce the launch of our new site! We feel that the site’s innovative design and flow is unique among the clutter on the web. Rather than asking the visitor to click around in search of information, the fluid scrolling structure brings the information to the visitor.

Our new site isn’t about selling anything. We don’t compare ourselves to anyone. We aren’t pushing portfolios or case studies. We’re not trying to make any earth-shattering statements. The site is clean, straight-forward and serves to simply tell the world who we are, what we do, how we do it, who we’ve done it for and how to connect with us to share a thought or begin a discussion.

Yeah, we link to our Blog, our Twitter page and to Linkedin are all great ways to learn more about the Agency and keep current on the crazy stuff we do in between the great things we do for our clients.

Here’s a brief description by Josh McCowen of Loftyword:

“Using mobile-first methodologies, and animated driven interactions, the new KRT Marketing website really shines through the standard, corporate fare. Giving those who choose to browse on mobile devices a branded, intentional experience on any device was key in the new online strategy. The new format allows the “KRT story” to be told in any browsing situation and sets up a future-proof framework for years to come.”

Technically, the animation and structure of our site isn’t based on Flash or any other standard application. It was developed from the ground up, using coding techniques never attempted before on a website.

As with any new site, we expect minor tweaks to be made, but the team here is happy with the final result. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!