Fall is in the air, which means it’s 2018 annual planning season! It’s time to look at your 2017 strategy and figure out what you want to stop and what you want to continue. Let’s take a look at what can be a significant part of your budget: LinkedIn. How do you analyze if your company is using the LinkedIn Recruiter licenses to its fullest? Do you need the same amount of recruiter licenses next year?  How many recruiters are following best practices for utilization? These are some of the questions that can be answered with customized LinkedIn reports.

linkedin recruiter

The table above shows an example of a YTD summary of five key benchmarks that LinkedIn has supplied as being Recruiter Success Metrics, based on a full cycle recruiter:

  • Average days visited per recruiter: 8 visits per month
  • Average searches performed per recruiter: 35 searches per month
  • Average profiles viewed per recruiter: 100 per month
  • Average InMails sent per recruiter: 50 per month
  • Average InMail acceptance rate: 25% per month

In the example, this company is exceeding LinkedIn’s benchmark in two out of the five categories. However, the searches performed, InMails sent and InMail acceptance rates are below the best practices.

Further, we can look at each license holder and how they compare to the LinkedIn benchmark.

linkedin recruiter

Out of the five seats in the chart above, three seats are being utilized above the benchmark of monthly activity (the blue line in the chart). LinkedIn’s monthly activity is defined as the combination of the Searches Performed (35), Profiles Viewed (100) and InMails sent (50).

We can further analyze monthly activity by region (e.g. North America vs. EMEA vs. APAC), role (recruiter vs sourcer), and more.

For example, with all of this information, we might recommend that “Recruiter 3” might not need a Recruiter seat next year if the overall usage for this seat has been consistently below the benchmark. In the examples above, we’d also recommend sharing the best practice benchmark with each recruiter in hopes to utilize their seats better where the team falls short — sending InMails and performing searches.

There’s a lot more analysis we can help with! Want to learn more? Contact us.