WOW, if you really think about it, it is amazing how similar online dating is to recruiters having to go out and find the perfect candidates for their jobs. Both require you to sift through a gazillion profiles to find the person that you want to talk to. As we all know, many people can look great on paper, but then you meet in person and think “not qualified”.


Online dating has been around for over a decade. It is easier than ever to find your “perfect match” on a variety of dating sites. You can choose your next date by height, body type, eye color and even by his/her hobbies. They even give you a boolean search string now to pull up “ideal matches”.  They can also deliver your matches to your online mailbox as often as daily! You peruse the profiles and begin to interact with the ones that meet your criteria. You narrow it down and decide to meet a select few in hopes that you will meet “the perfect one”.

Even job boards are changing their algorithms to match that same model to find the perfect candidates for your jobs. As a recruiter, you can type in EXACTLY what you are looking for and “voila”, the matches for your job get delivered to your inbox – resume and all. When a new candidates submits their resume, they don’t even have time to find your job before a recruiter has found their resume.

As online dating continuously progresses into video profiles, mobile apps, in person speed dating events and the social arena, so do recruitment platforms.  Many organizations are shying away from the “post and pray” model to source and screen, video interviewing, virtual career fairs and using social media to find the perfect candidates.


Speed dating event or career fair?  You decide!

As time continues, it will be fascinating to watch how both online dating and digital recruiting remain in parallel or do they go their separate ways?

Even though it is Halloween month, finding your perfect mate or candidate shouldn’t have to be so scary!

Happy Hunting!