Oregon State University (OSU) has always thought of itself as a place with a purpose — making a positive difference in quality of life, natural resources and economic prosperity in Oregon and beyond.

Last year, OSU launched a social marketing campaign to rebrand itself.  OSU felt the school had a rural and “out of date” image, and the goal was to rebrand itself as a forward thinking, innovative, socially conscious campus working towards solutions on a global level. By doing this, the hope was not only to update their image, but also to boost enrollment. OSU was successful.

In addition to having presence on major social-networking sites, they took a very holistic approach by empowering students, alumni and community members to make videos showing how they contribute to their community and beyond.

These efforts were how the “Powered By Orange” was born.  “Powered By Orange” is a network of alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends all committing to making a positive impact on the community, the economy and the environment. Check out their 100+ videos on their YouTube Channel.

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