In part two of our programmatic infographic series, we look at how using a job site network gives you the knowledge and a newfound power to make better recruitment advertising decisions (see the first infographic on 4 Programmatic Rules that Rock).

Let’s define programmatic job advertising again so we’re all on the same page: Programmatic job ads use software to automate the buying and optimization of pay-per-click job ads in real time across a network of job sites simultaneously.

Or as Mona Tawakali likes to define it…

programmatic job ad network

Why a job site network matters

When thinking of why it matters, here are few questions you might have asked yourself already.

  • Have you ever felt limited in your ability to reach the right candidate base?
  • Did you ever think the only way to increase your online presence is to spend more money?
  • Is it possible to send my open jobs to multiple sites, whether it is a large national job board or a niche job board that targets specific skill sets?

Traditional PPC job ads usually involve working with only one or two aggregators. However, there are hundreds of other sites available to cast a larger net to, including large sites as well as niche job boards with an ability to zero in on specific talent (think healthcare, veterans, hourly, etc.). In fact, we recently launched a programmatic veteran job engine that programmatically distributes jobs to a veteran job board network.

So, the question is, why does it matter? A job site network matters because for the first time you can advertise jobs on dozens of sites without increasing your budget, gain insights on where qualified candidates come from and make better decisions on how to spend your recruitment advertising budgets. Here are a couple side-by-side comparisons to make it simple. For the full comparison, check out the infographic!


Job site network – Maximize your ability to reach a qualified candidate talent pool.

One job site – Limit your ability to reach a qualified talent pool.

Valuable Insights

Job site network – Learn which job sites drive the right candidates for various job families.

One job site – Never learn which sites drive the right candidates for various job families.

At the end of the day, it will be a network of job sites that will work cohesively to find and drive top talent to your jobs. View or download the full infographic here and share it with your peers. See what they think, and as always, we’d love to hear your opinion.

programmatic job ad network