You may not know this, but I joined KRT with a few years of experience in programmatic advertising. Being new to recruitment advertising, I was amazed to hear the words “programmatic” and “new technology” being used in the same sentence. Coming from consumer advertising, where programmatic has been working since 2011, I felt like I took a step back in time. I soon found out that, generally speaking, recruitment advertising is about five years behind consumer advertising. It’s time to catch up, and I’m so excited to see it happen!

Programmatic has taken over the digital display ad spend. In business and in life, people like to say, “Think outside the box,” “Take the road less traveled,” and “Go beyond the norm.” That is great sometimes, but not when it comes to adopting programmatic media buying as a part of your job advertising strategy. In advertising, programmatic is the road to take.

A study by eMarketer shows that more than two-thirds of all digital display advertising is being purchased programmatically this year. Currently, the U.S. programmatic ad spend is forecasted to reach $22.10 billion, which is a 40% jump over 2015. This means that in 2016 programmatic will represent 67% of the total digital ad spend in the U.S. Programmatic advertising is also being adopted globally, with China projected to spend $9.29 billion and the UK projected to spend $4.06 billion.

In 2016 programmatic will represent 67% of the total digital ad spend in the U.S. Click To Tweet

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With these numbers, we can only imagine how much money will be spent programmatically on job ads by 2020. So, when it’s time to recommend programmatic in your job advertising strategy this year, if someone tells you to be more creative and take the road less traveled, I’d advise responding with: Thank you, but I’ll take the road that’s been paved.

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