In today’s world of technology, communication, and connection, the majority of recruitment marketing needs have shifted to the digital space. Here at KRT, we have mastered the market in data and programmatic job advertising technology.

But what happens when you need to reach a market where digital and technology are not as accessible or prevalent? One of the biggest challenges in the digital recruitment space is when you are faced with a market that does not use digital.  What kind of market is this? The rural market.

Marketing in a large market is easy! There are a lot of candidates and one can often find talent through advanced targeting methods. When you need to find the right candidate in a small market, where the population is low and the qualified talent is even lower, rural recruiting becomes a challenge. What is a digital-age marketer to do?

First, take a deep breath! There are solutions!

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Start by researching your market. What do you know about this town, city, county? What businesses exist outside the one you are hiring against? What media is used in this market?  Some free resources to consider:

And some paid ones:

If you find that digital isn’t the best way to go for rural recruiting, then what choices do you have? In rural markets, traditional media options can make a big impact.

rural recruitingPrint

Print is not dead! Newspaper, newsletters and magazines still reach local markets and have loyal readerships.

rural recruitingTerrestrial Radio

Terrestrial radio is another media that is still breathing. Although many have turned to digital sources such as Pandora and Spotify, in local markets you will have a greater reach for rural recruiting with traditional radio.

rural recruitingBillboards

Out-of-home media such as billboards, transit, and posters can have an impact on the local level as well. When utilizing out-of-home media, location is key! Look to place your ads near competitors for maximum impact.

rural recruitingPost Cards

Post card mailers are not just junk mail when used properly.  Explore state licensing lists – you can often purchase a list of licensed professionals with each state.

Referrals & Relocation

Utilize your own internal resources and push for referrals from current employees. You can also bring people to a rural location by offering a relocation package. If the candidates do not exist in the market, try providing an offer that will bring someone to the market.

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When all else fails, get creative! Banners outside the office/location, car magnets, and local journals are all possible rural recruiting options other than digital.

Although these options can make an impact in a small market, the greatest challenge with any non-digital media is measuring that impact. In the digital ad space, we promote data as our currency. If we can’t measure it, did it really happen?

rural recruiting

We cannot track clicks when there is nothing to click. However, there are some ways to measure the impact of your media dollars. For any printed media (newspaper, billboards etc.) implement a vanity URL.  A unique URL placed in each out of home media gives you the ability to measure back to that media. Creating a custom landing page for each medium can become costly. Lean on your sourcing team. Ensure they are entering the source correctly to capture where a candidate heard of the role.

And of course, your digital efforts can still have success. Employ a strategy that will reach candidates online as well as offline. Have any other creative ideas to reach rural talent markets? Share in the comments or on Twitter! If you need help reaching talent without digital, shoot us an email.