One significant investment KRT made in the wellness of its employees in 2017 was the addition of standing desks. Unlike ordinary desks, standing desks allow employees to work in either the sitting or standing position. Though they may seem like a recent trend, greats such Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, and Benjamin Franklin were known to have used standing desks. What makes standing desks more beneficial than ordinary desks, you ask? Standing desks contribute to the health, wellness, and comfort of employees, and may even serve as a talent attraction tool!

Health and Wellness

A major health benefit of standing desks is that more calories are burned while standing versus sitting. According to a study conducted by BBC, standing burns 50 more calories an hour than sitting. This may not seem like much, but it adds up over the course of the work week. Standing instead of sitting may also lower your risk of developing health problems later in life. Findings have led researchers to believe that sitting for long periods of time is associated with a higher risk of developing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Sitting for long periods stalls the breakdown of fats and sugars in the body, which can increase these health risks. Standing kick starts those processes.

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In addition to the health benefits that standing desks provide, they also increase the comfort of employees. It is no secret that many adults suffer from back pain. Statistically, 80% of Americans will experience back problems at some point in their life. This back pain can take a toll on productivity in the workplace. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, 39% of those surveyed said that when they had back pain, it affected their daily tasks. Because standing desks allow employees to stand and stretch their backs, they may consequentially increase productivity and prevent back problems in the long run.

Talent Attraction

Besides the direct benefits to employees that standing desks provide, they can also entice a candidate to join your team. If candidates come in to interview, they may notice the standing desks in your workplace. This contributes to a positive first impression because it demonstrates that your company is invested in the health and comfort of its employees. Studies have repeatedly shown that what drives workplace satisfaction the most are the values and culture of the organization. Providing standing desks is a way to not only satisfy your current employees, but to show candidates the value your organization places on the well-being of its employees.

Want to attract your next da Vinci? Let us know if you think standing desks are a tool to do it!

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