If you are like me, you probably never imagined that you would end up working in the talent acquisition industry. You also probably never imagined how much you would like it!  I was quick to realize that a career in talent acquisition is exciting on a day-to-day basis and quite rewarding in the bigger picture.

Whether you are a recruiter, TA leader, technology partner, or a recruitment marketing partner like us, it’s certain that no two days are the same. We all spend our days solving problems, ranging from seemingly simple to complex. Eric Holwell, KRT’s VP of operations, stated, “I love that it is not easy — everyone loves a good challenge. I might feel overwhelmed at times, but solving a problem is the best feeling in the world.” Whether we are brainstorming new ideas to find candidates or troubleshooting ATS problems, there’s always a problem to solve. This keeps us on our toes and makes every day different.

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It’s also an exciting time to be working in talent acquisition with all the innovation that is happening every day, with new emerging solutions that solve every industry pain point you can imagine.  Each day, we are also challenging our technology and job board partners to improve or rethink the way things have been done. By adapting new technologies and reconsidering existing ones, we are all moving the TA industry forward and shifting the paradigm.

On a larger scale, many of the companies that we partner with do amazing things. I was never cut out to be a doctor and save lives, but by working in TA, I’m able to play my small part in helping healthcare companies make a difference. As our VP of digital strategy, Mona Tawakali said, “The work I do helps connect great talent with great companies — these people go on to work on things like finding cures for cancer and laying the foundation for human progress. I take a lot of pride in the role we play to support that.”

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Whatever your role is in talent acquisition, the overarching goal is quite important: helping people find jobs. A job is one of the most significant elements of a person’s life. We all spend a huge part of our lives working and in return rely on our job to be our support. KRT’s managing partner, Ryan Christoi put it best: “When you think about the impact you’re making on the companies, the individuals, and their families… it makes all of the hard work worthwhile.” The effect of what we are doing extends far beyond what you realize in the day to day.

While there are many other meaningful careers, I feel grateful to have found my role in talent acquisition. What’s your favorite part of TA?  Let us know in the comments!