Written by Jess Yi


TED Talks are world-renowned and admired as a source of inspiration and knowledge. TED Curator, Chris Anderson, recently filmed his own brief “talk” with four helpful public speaking tips:

1. Focus on one major idea.

Give your listeners one idea to focus on and make sure all of your content links back to that one idea.

2. Give people a reason to care.

Create curiosity in your listeners by asking engaging questions so they will ultimately have the urge to make the connections and learn something new.

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3. Build your idea with familiar concepts.

We are often caught in a closed bubble of concepts and terms. When we try to share that with our listeners, it creates confusion and disconnect. Use metaphors and common examples to explain your ideas.

4. Make your idea worth sharing.

Who does your talk benefit? Does it provide your listeners with something that will inspire them to take what they’ve learned and act upon it?

At KRT, we’re no strangers to public speaking and we try to keep these tips in mind, especially when talking about complex or specific ideas that are related to recruitment marketing and programmatic media.

So whether you’re in a team meeting or giving a keynote at a large conference, hopefully these tips will provide a good foundation in delivering more meaningful and productive talks for both yourself and your audience.

Do you find these tips helpful or practical? Do you have any additional tips to share? Comment below.