At KRT Marketing, we believe our employees are rock stars. They work hard, and we recognize the need for them to take time away from the office to recharge, be able to give their best and live a well-balanced life. Even more importantly, we also believe they should take responsibility for managing their own time (both personally and professionally), workloads and results.

We’re working hard on creating this culture of personal responsibility and mutual trust, and we want our policy to reflect that. To that end, we feel that an unlimited PTO policy for all of our employees would best reflect this vision and show our employees how much we value and trust them.

There was, of course, a bit of hesitation around this offering. Would an employee take continuous extended vacations? Would their work product suffer? We had to be sure unlimited PTO didn’t mean that employees are allowed to go on vacation indefinitely and aren’t held accountable for their jobs. After taking a deeper look at the pros and cons, in addition to our own teammates, we have determined that quite the opposite will be true with this group of folks! We believe that our employees will be even more responsible because they do not want to let their team, company, or clients down, or abuse the policy and ruin it for others.


Here are some of the advantages we recognize of unlimited PTO and ultimately why it’s the right fit for KRT!

  • Work-Life Balance – First and foremost, we want to take care of our employees to prevent burnout and ensure a long-lasting relationship.
  • Trust & Responsibility – Unlimited time off fosters a sense of trust in employees and encourages a culture of responsibility and taking care of business!
  • Attractive Offering – Offering unlimited PTO can serve as an attractive benefit when recruiting top job candidates.
  • Time  – Administrative time no longer has to be spent tracking accrual of time off.


While we view this offering as best for KRT Marketing, we must still be aware of potential disadvantages of unlimited PTO (and how we will combat them):

  • Abuse – This is a policy to encourage and invest in our employees… not for them to never come to work. There will still be submission and approval guidelines to help monitor usage and ensure work product doesn’t suffer.
  • Not taking PTO – As sometimes seen in unlimited policies, employees may be afraid of taking “too much” PTO. We will monitor and encourage all our team members to take much deserved time off to recharge their batteries and live a well-balanced life!

What does your company offer for PTO or vacation? What do you think about unlimited PTO? Is this the way of the future and key benefit for talent attraction?

We’d love to hear your experiences and feedback – share in the comments!