Every year, thousands of qualified, motivated and determined individuals transition out of active military service and begin to look for a rewarding civilian career. The world of veteran recruitment has been stuck in the past for too long. Employers know that there is world-class veteran talent in the market place but they need a better way to connect with those individuals. Until now, the best employers could hope to do is pay for duration postings or job slots and hope they get great results. However, as recruitment marketing continues to evolve, we know there is a better way.

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Vet.Careers has made it a goal to provide employers with the most qualified veteran candidates and to serve those who have served us by connecting them with world-class employers. Using the same award-winning technology that powers in our PPC Portfolio Manager™, Vet.Careers uses pay-for-performance job ads on top of veteran job sites to provide data-driven veteran recruitment solutions. Vet.Careers is different than a standard veteran job board because it publishes jobs not only on our own site but it will also distribute your job postings to dozens of the top veteran job boards, not just one. The ever-expanding Vet.Careers network of publishers programmatically distributes job postings to reach the best possible applicants. This powerful programmatic technology allows us to send jobs across the internet on your behalf, bidding on traffic from a variety of partners and tracking performance daily. Because the budgets are distributed on a pay-for-performance basis, only the channels that provide quality traffic will be used. This kind of distribution and tracking also allows us to use data driven campaign optimization strategies, identifying the best publishers for different verticals, and helping to bring in the lowest cost and highest quality candidates. The same minds that make us a leader in this space are putting their substantial industry knowledge and technical expertise to work, making constant changes to rules and distribution channels based on up to the day data driving down CPAs and increasing ROI. By finding the unique placements or locations that produce the best results we can drive down the cost employers pay per applicant.

Another benefit of our technology-driven approach is that coupling industry expertise and smart people with powerful programmatic technology allows us to set dynamic sets of rules. Using these rules, we can stop paying for clicks on jobs that have received enough visibility already, distributing the budget evenly across all jobs that need veteran candidates. These rules can take on a variety of different formats, and you can find more information about them here.

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Some other veteran recruitment solutions might only provide you with metrics like clicks, views or applies but Vet.Careers provides relevant KPIs like CPA and applications per job that inform not only the decision making of your team but the decisions of your dedicated analyst as well. ­­

Veterans and employers deserve and need a better way to connect with each other and Vet.Careers is creating that. When you’re ready to infuse your growing business with the best veteran talent, let Vet.Careers connect you with those vets.