People are the engine of success for any company. They are the ones who drive (or hinder) growth. Wellness matters since financial wellness matters. When a company invests in wellness programs, they can reduce healthcare costs, lower absenteeism, increase morale and improve employees’ quality of life.

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Wellness at KRT Marketing

Our leadership team at KRT has worked together to construct the best wellness program. Their efforts aim to attract potential employees and retain the current ones. This year, we ranked number seven in San Francisco Business Times’ Healthiest Employers of the Bay Area, in the small companies category! Wellness offerings include regular biweekly workouts, monthly salad lunch days, and quarterly massages. In addition, our company provides a wellness reimbursement plan for any additional activities the employee decides to partake in outside the office. The wellness reimbursement plan is a great option for employees who are unable to attend in-office workouts. Another benefit from the wellness program is that it builds a sense of camaraderie with co-workers that may not ordinarily happen in the office. And who couldn’t use a little social support while getting fit?

Last year, during our all-hands agency summit, leadership asked everyone to present an idea on how to improve KRT. One of the ideas was installing standing desks so that employees would have an option to stand or sit. After seeing the benefits of standing while working, our management got to work and within the year, they installed standing desks for everyone. This shows that even just one change at a relatively small company can have a large impact on employee well-being.

How can you promote wellness?

Big companies have big budgets to support wellness programs, and it can be challenging for small companies to take on the same. However, small companies can also find wellness programs beneficial and more financially efficient in the long run. By providing wellness programs, companies can reduce healthcare costs and save money with the health care tax credits. Another way small companies can execute wellness programs is to take advantage of their communities and parks. KRT offers its employees a pass for the Lafayette Reservoir, a local park with an astounding view of the reservoir and long nature trails. Small companies can utilize their existing resources. They can ask employees to volunteer for fitness programs and conduct workout sessions during lunch breaks (or even after work hours) and/or have healthy potlucks.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about wellness programs but a good starting point for small companies is to get the employees involved by surveying them about their relationships with wellness and what kind of benefits they would be interested in. In the end, the rewards are huge for both the employee and employer in the long term.