Written by Melissa Miller

Source: blog.bonadza.com

As one of the key buzzwords of 2015 and 2016, just about every marketer and recruitment professional has heard the term “programmatic.” But as you dig deeper, you’ll see that the industry is still defining the term, how it works, and the key benefits.

In an attempt to give some meaning to the buzzword of the moment, we have compiled the spark notes of what programmatic means, how it works, and most importantly why it is making an impact.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

To put it technically, programmatic advertising is a data-centric recruitment advertising process, utilizing machine-to-machine communication to purchase online job ads in real time, based on preset rules and targeting on a pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-app basis.

programmatic advertising

How does it work, or what does the above definition actually mean?

Through programmatic advertising, you are able to utilize data and technology to purchase online ads and maximize your return on investment.

programmatic advertising

Source: incitrio.com

Why should you care?

Programmatic media can increase and significantly improve existing PPC media buying by optimizing recruitment media campaigns toward certain campaign goals. Now you may be wondering, “What type of goals?” As explained in the 6 Benefits to Programmatic Media Download, by using real-time apply data, we are able to work toward goals such as cost per application (CPA) and application volume limit, to ultimately eliminate wasted applications and misplaced budgets.

A common struggle with standard job advertisements is an uneven distribution of applications. How does programmatic solve this pain point? Programmatic allows you to turn jobs off after they receive enough applications, preventing overflow, which can then be shifted to other jobs.

Over time, programmatic advertising allows us to uncover key insights to build predictive analytics for future decision making. But if you’re still not sold on the benefits of programmatic advertising for recruitment, shoot us your questions.