Google For Jobs on KRT Marketing

Google Recruiting Solutions: What we Know so Far

2 min. read: Get the scoop on Google’s entrance into recruitment — more than just Google for Jobs! Learn more about Google’s two other core offerings for recruitment.



Google For Jobs on KRT Marketing

Google for Jobs Round Up: Everything Employers Need to Know

4 min. read: The quick and easy read for all things Google for Jobs. Wondering what it is and how it works? Read and learn more.



The Next Web Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs now shows salary stats to help you avoid cheapskate employers

2 min. read: Google has unveiled new updates including salary comparison stats, improved location settings, and application categories. Read to discover more.



Accord Google for Jobs

Is Google for Jobs Going to Revolutionise Recruitment?

2 min. read: What effect will Google’s new search feature have? Read to find out.




Huntscalon Media Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs Looks to Be a Game Changer

2 min. read: Take a look at Google’s new service and how it can impact the recruitment industry from top to bottom.



Onrec Google for Jobs

How will Google for Jobs affect traffic for the major job sites?

2 min. read: The launch of Google for Jobs has sparked mixed emotions from professionals across the Talent Acquisition industry. Read for a simple analysis of the topic.



Google for Jobs SHRM

Three Ways to Rank Your Employment Ads Higher on Google for Jobs

4 min. read: As the first talent acquisition technology built primarily for the candidate experience, this quick read gives you the basics for reaching prominent posting positions within Google for Jobs.


Business Insider Google for Jobs

Google launched a service to help small businesses hire employees – here’s how it works

3 min. read: Business Insider quickly walks through Google’s new tool to help small- to medium-sized businesses recruit candidates. Read for a step-by-step virtual tour.



How Google for Jobs is Breaking Talent Acquisition’s Biggest Pet Peeve

3 min. read: Tim Sackett talks about the shift in applicant traffic and what talent acquisition professionals should do in order for their jobs to rank higher in search results.



Bloomberg Technology Google for Jobs

Google Reaches for Job Seekers With Search Engine Revamp

2 min. read: Could Google for Jobs cut out traditional job posting sites? Bloomberg’s article delves into the features of the new search tool and the possible consequences for competing job sites.



Google for Jobs Smashfly

Google Jobs Beta: It’s Here, But What’s Next?

5 min. read: Discover how Google, the king of data, is changing the job board game with Google for Jobs. Read for a simple walkthrough of the tool and predictions of implications.



Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Job Discovery

6 min. read: Read about how Google is using machine learning to better understand the behaviors of job seekers and the job posting content with their newest product, Google Cloud Job Discovery.



Google Hire

Google Hire

6 min. read: Explore the features of Google’s very own ATS and learn more about how Hire integrates with the entire G-Suite products.




Google for Jobs: Guide for Job Board Marketers

7 min. read: ‘Live’ resource, which will be regularly updated as we continue to learn more about Google for Jobs.



EBN Google for Jobs

How Google Hire helps employers better manage recruitment process

5 min. read: Discover Google’s very own applicant-tracking system, Google Hire. Read for an overview and early reviews.



SEJ Google for Jobs

Here’s How to Avoid Losing Traffic & Revenue from Google for Jobs

6 min. read: Learn 7 things you can be doing to help boost your recruitment sites and job boards in light of the Google for Jobs launch.



Workforce Google for Jobs

The New Sheriff in Town: Google Jobs

4 min. read: Worried that Google for Jobs has left your recruitment marketing behind the times? Learn how to integrate Google’s new launch into your marketing strategy.



Inc Google for Jobs

Why Google for Jobs Is a Total Game Changer for Recruiters, Employers, and Job Sites

4 min. read: Do you have questions about how to best use Google’s new tool? Inc shares advice on everything Google for Jobs including how employers can utilize the tool to reach more candidates.



Google for Jobs TechCrunch

Google Launches Hire, A New Service for Helping Businesses Recruit

2 min. read: Learn more about Hire, Google’s applicant tracking service, and how seamlessly it integrates with the entire G Suite. Information on pricing included.



Magdex Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs: Understanding the Impact

8 min. read: Learn more about Hire, Google’s applicant tracking service, and how seamlessly it integrates with the entire G Suite. Information on pricing included.



Social Media Today Google for Jobs

What Marketers Should Know about the Brand New ‘Google for Jobs’

4 min read: While Google for Jobs does not include a lot of immediate marketing applications, marketers should keep their eyes on this new tool. Read this article to learn how to protect your online brand and learn about the possible SEO implications.



Google for Jobs TechCrunch


Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine

3 min. read: Discover how Google for Jobs enhances the job search experience by allowing candidates to refine search terms and explore job postings from across the web.


Wired Google for Jobs

You can now hunt for jobs directly in Google search results thanks to AI

2 min. read: Google for Jobs transforms the job search by integrating machine learning into the candidate experience. Read to learn more.


What are the experts saying?


Google for Jobs

New Tools to Make Your Search Easier

2 min. read: Nick Zakasek, Product Manager at Google, unveils four new updates to the Google for Jobs search tool.



Google for Jobs

Cloud Job Discovery enters beta

3 min. read: Tarquin Clark, Group Manager of Cloud Job Discovery, discusses the progression of Cloud Job Discovery into beta testing. Read to learn about what early customers are saying about the new product.


Ere Media Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs Announces 4 New Features 

3 min. read: Joel Cheesman shares his thoughts regarding the new features of Google for Jobs and the impact they may have on competitor job boards.



Undercover Recruiter Google for Jobs

What Does Google’s Entry Into the Recruitment Space Mean for the Industry?

3 min. read: Hear from a panel of experts about what Google for Jobs means to the Recruitment industry.



Ere Media Google for Jobs

Why Google Getting into Recruitment is Great for the Industry

5 min. read: Art Papas, the CEO of Bullhorn, discusses how Google’s entrance into the recruitment industry can be a major benefit. Papas also points out issues Google can’t solve.


Google for Jobs Lance HaunHire by Google is the Actual Game Changer Recruiting Needs

4 min. read: Take a closer look with blogger Lance Haun at how the release of Google Hire can have a major impact on the recruitment industry. Includes information on its perks and one way it can fail.


Google for Jobs SourceConYour Jobs on Indeed Aren’t Showing Up on Google

3 min. read: Joel Cheesman compares the well-known search engine Indeed to the recently launched Google for Jobs, and discusses how Indeed is safeguarding their postings against the competition of Google.


Ere Media Google for Jobs

Ready or Not Google for Jobs Launches Today

4 min. read: Take a first look at Google for Jobs and learn about the tool’s additional features with recruitment advertising blogger Joel Cheesman.



Google for Jobs

Cloud Jobs API: machine learning goes to work on job search and discovery

6 min. read: Group Data Scientist Christian Posse announces Cloud Jobs API. Read Posse’s blog post to discover detailed information about the mechanics of Cloud Jobs and the role machine learning has in the new product.


Google for Jobs: Potential to Disrupt the $200 Billion Recruiting IndustryGoogle for Jobs Forbes

8 min. read: Josh Bersin delves into the algorithms behind Google for Jobs and takes an in-depth look at how this new release will make the candidate search process more accurate and efficient.