John Cotton Google for Jobs

Google For Jobs How-To [PDF]

10 min. read: Make sure your jobs are appearing in Google Search results, especially now with Google For Jobs! Here’s how – you definitely want to share these step-by-step instructions by John Cotton from CH2M with your web developer and/or career site team.



Recruitics Google for Jobs

Your Guide to Google for Jobs

11 min. read: Discover how to find out if your jobs are already on Google, how to post your jobs on Google, and much more with this ebook.



Betterteam Google for Jobs


How to Post a Job on Google

4 min. read: Learn how to get your job openings listed on Google for Jobs, either directly from your website, or via a 3rd party platform.



Magdex Google for Jobs

The Magdex Guide to Google for Jobs 

10 min. read: Use this guide to learn how to best optimize your jobs with Google for Jobs. Includes information on how Google will decide which job board link to feature as well as how to ensure your job board listing is included over other job boards.



Google for JobsOfficial Google Webmaster Central Blog

2 min. read: Google walks through a simple overview of the new search tool, including how to get your job listings on Google.



Google for JobsImplementing Enriched Search Results

3 min. read: Google for Jobs uses “enriched search results” to create a more advanced job seeker experience. Learn about Google’s guidelines to ensure your jobs will show up.



Google for JobsJob Postings

11 min. read: A detailed walkthrough of how to utilize structured data on job postings, integrate with Google using a third party job site, and increase posting prominence.



Workable Google for Jobs

How to post job listings on the ‘Google for Jobs’ search engine

4 min. read: Discover which  job boards, recruiting sites and companies that have integrated with Google for Jobs.




Business Insider Google for Jobs

Google launched its own job search engine — here’s how it works

4 min. read: A easy to digest step-by-step guide on Google for Jobs. Tutorial includes helpful images.






Google for Jobs

Introduction to Structured Data

5 min. read: Ensure you are including the right information on your job postings so that your jobs appear on the Google for Jobs search tool. Learn how structured data operates and what information you should add to your job content.



Google for Jobs

Structured Data Testing Tool

Test your job postings to with Google’s tool and make sure your content appears on Google for Jobs.



Google for Jobs

Structured Data Guidelines

5 min. read: Read here to learn more information regarding Google’s quality guidelines for structured data regarding content, location, specificity, images, and relevance.